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III John 2

"Beloved, I pray that in all respects you
may prosper and be in good health, just as
your soul prospers."

Perhaps there is no other Scripture in the Bible that illuminates us more about the wholeness that Christ died and paid for on our behalf at the Cross, than this Scripture.

This is the right time to say that salvation is unquestionably the greatest gift that was ever given to us, and paid for on the Cross. But you see, you cannot be prosperous without salvation! That's right, for what good would any other definition of prosperity be without salvation? None.

Therefore one could properly say that to prosper in all respects, one must first be saved. If this is so, then just what does the term "salvation" include? I respectfully submit it includes all that you need saving from. Following this course of thinking, III John 2 is then first a Scripture topically about salvation, and then all that salvation encompasses.

Do you see in this Scripture where it states, "that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health". That's because it is absolutely our choice whether we receive prosperity or not. Now it's been paid for already as the last part of this Scripture confirms, ‚"just as you soul prospers" (the implied meaning is that your soul already prospers. [See Amplified]) But it's up to us to receive it through the act of being faithful. And yes, being faithful is an act - that's why it is called being faithful. You have to walk in it, that is believe currently, to be in active faith. But this Scripture is saying more here. It is telling us that through the one final act of giving us our salvation on the Cross by our God, Lord, and Savior, that we are entitled to all that precedes this statement! Have you ever heard anything so wonderful as this?

You see, this is a statement of qualification⎯ that just as your soul (already) prospers (because you have been purchased into God's family by Jesus), all that precedes this statement already belongs to you and you can receive, if you will but believe this Word.         
Now the question I have for you today that I believe the Lord is also asking is, "will you believe?" Will you believe His Word and his word that He gives you that this is so? That in all respects, that is physically as in divine health, mentally, emotionally, financially, and every way you can think of and even in ways you cannot even think of (all respects) you may, that is you have the right to, prosper. To prosper, as in to flourish. Will you believe Him and receive from Him all that He died for and paid for on the Cross on your behalf? You might be asking about now, "But you left out the most important part, prospering spiritually." No I didn't, because the last part of this Scripture tells us that we cannot prosper anymore by divine right than we do right now⎯ "just as your soul prospers." If you belong to Jesus, you are already a child of God, reborn into His family, with full (that is family) rights of inheritance. That's what we are talking about here, inheritance.

And why receive more than you already have manifested in your life right now? That's easy, so you'll have more to give, at His direction. So receive all that Jesus died for, for Jesus' sake, and as a witness for Him.

Yes, understanding all that this one Scripture means and implies is truly a lifetime study.

In Him and For Him
Don Judd

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