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What Is Real Prosperity?

The other day I was walking by a very expensive automobile and the Lord began to deal with me about what prosperity – godly prosperity, really meant.

     He began to show me in this odd sort of way that only God can, what godly prosperity really was by putting me in the shoes as an owner of that car and letting me see what it might feel like to have this kind of financial freedom.

It Doesn’t Mean Stuff

He showed me the “feeling” of owning that car. Do you know what that feeling was? It wasn’t, surprisingly, a feeling of ownership as in holding onto something at all, but rather a feeling of freedom – as in not having a care in the world financially!

     Later, over the next successive days the Lord in turn led me to a passage of Scripture in Psalm 78 as He continued to flesh out this lesson on true, biblical prosperity. I trust He is speaking to you and your heart as He spoke to me, through this article.

     So let’s begin by looking and listening to God’s Word:

Psalm 78:18-22

(18) And in their heart they put God to the test, by asking food according
       to their desire.
(19) Then they spoke against God;
       They said, “Can God prepare a table in the wilderness?
(20)“Behold, He struck the rock, so that waters gushed out, and streams
        were overflowing;
       Can He give bread also?
      Will He provide meat for His people?”
(21) Therefore the Lord heard and was full of wrath,
       And a fire was kindled against Jacob,
       And anger also mounted against Israel;
(22) Because they did not believe Israel;
      And did not trust in His salvation.

Biblical Prosperity Is A State Of Trust

Then I saw: I saw what God was trying to show me. He was telling me that we are supposed to have, to capture if you will, that same sense of trust that He is a God of His Word... that He will provide.

     That’s what the car was about. It was to show me… to show us, that feeling of absolute trust that we are to have in Him and His provision for our lives. We are to have that same feeling of not having a care or concern in the world or doubt in God providing for our every need.

Don’t Repeat The Mistake

What was the mistake of the Israelites as shown in Psalm 78? What was their sin, that which went against God and His Word, which was so very egregious to God? Remember? They did not believe God, they did not trust in His salvation! Look back at verse 22.

     Perhaps you are one of God’s chosen ones, that belong to Him and are already part of His family, that are believing the appearance of circumstances today over God’s promise to us to care and provide for us. If so, now is the time to repent, for it is sin. Yes that’s right, sin. Why? Because it goes against God’s Word, that’s why. In a very real sense, it is nothing short of idolatry. It is the worship of the god called “circumstance” instead of the one, true, living and triune God and His word to us.

Who You Believe Is Your God

We really don’t need any other Scriptural reference besides Psalm 78 to know it is God’s intention and will to care for our every need (although the Bible is full of them) – for it’s all right there for us to see in this example. There are conditions however. Have you guessed the condition already? We must believe Him! Yes, we must have faith in His Word that it is so or we cannot receive the provision. You see, faith is the pipeline that God’s blessings travel through.

     “Oh, but I’m faithful. I believe….” Do you? Are you staying awake at night worrying about “what is to become of me?” If so, you can cross yourself off the list of His faithful. You can’t be faithful and fearful at the same time – faith and fear don’t co-exist.

     And make no mistake, you are going to believe someone or something. That’s right. Even if you are not believing God you are believing the gods of negativity and circumstance. You see, we are designed by the Creator to believe, so we have to believe something.

     So what’s it going to be? Who will you believe? Do you know that when you believe that God can’t or won’t (which is directly in opposition to God’s Word) you in actuality are believing the lies of Satan?

      Does that make you mad? Good, it should. Because every time you look at circumstances – be it sickness, a lack of finances, disruption of family, and think (and if you think it I’ll bet you say it too!) that God can’t or won’t change this – you deny God and His Word and give worship to Satan. So, who will you believe? Will it be the god of this world and circumstance, or Jesus our salvation, Savior, and provider?

What You Believe Is What You Get

Yes, what you believe is what you get. Start professing that your God is a God of His word – out loud. Make the devil mad. Start telling him you aren’t going to believe circumstances, his lies that your God can’t or won’t – it’s too far gone or to big for Him, or He doesn’t care for “little you” or anything else.

     Start sowing good seed in fertile ground – your spirit, that your God is ready, willing, and able to be your Savior from anything you need saving from. Say it out loud, in the car, in the shower and anywhere else you can think of, that your God is a God of provision.

     Start garnering that feeling of complete restfulness, like you were already the owner of everything you could possibly need – like the feeling that the owner of that $250,000 car would have, because that’s the way you’ll feel if you believe God is going to provide and take care of your every need.

Trust God

Trust God. Believe God – not circumstances. He is ready, willing, and able to not only meet, but exceed your every godly need (Ephesians 3:20) but He needs your trust and belief to get it to you. Believe God, for who you believe is your god.

                                                                                               In His Service

                                                                                               Don Judd

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