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The Fear of Provision - God's Plan For Prosperity

Having financial problems? Many people today are. We turn on the news and certainly get no comfort in what we hear. Some of us are even facing financial situations that we simply cannot see a way out of. And let's face it, we live in a physical world that requires finances to flourish. It's not hard to see how some are overwhelmed with fears of a lack of provision. Their circumstances are real. Brothers and sisters in Christ, hear what I am about to say; that fear is a tool of the enemy Satan, designed to keep us down.

What God Says

So what does God and His Word say about all of this? Actually the Word of God says a lot about it. Furthermore, in case you haven't studied this subject before in depth in the Bible, God talks about finances and how to receive them, in many places in His Word. So if you are one of those people with financial distress don't despair - God has a plan of receiving provision abundantly for you... and that means more than enough!

The World's Way

We know the world's way: First, depend on yourself. Put you and your finances first - nothing is more important - after all, if you don't do it for yourself and your family, no one else will. Sound familiar? Of course it does, it's the way of this world. And who is the ruler of "this world"? Satan.

   Did you notice who came first in the above scenario? We did. Not God but us. "Yea, but God doesn't need any help. He's God. I'm the one who needs help." Only trouble is that's not God's plan for receiving. That's selfish. It might interest you to know that this receiving of provision and prosperity is part of what Jesus died and paid for on our behalf on the cross. And God's plan cannot fail if we follow it, for God is perfect and therefore so are His plans. So let's explore what God has to say on this subject of provision and prosperity and how to receive it:

God's Laws of Receiving

Luke 12:29-31
(29) "And do not seek what you shall eat,
And what you shall drink, and do not keep worrying.
(30) "For all these things the nations of the
world eagerly seek; but your Father knows
that you need these things.
931) "But seek for His kingdom, and these
things shall be added to you."
[see also Matthew 6:31-33]


As you can see, our God is a god of priorities. This Scripture teaches us that unlike this world which tells us to put ourselves first, that seeking God first and depending on Him for our provision assures us that He will be responsible for our provision and blessing! (Who do you want in charge off blessing you?)

Seed for Harvest

But keeping God first in our priorities is not all that's needed - for in order to receive a harvest from God (provision) there must first be a seed.

   What are we talking about? The law of Seedtime and Harvest written in Genesis 8:22, which says it will be in effect as long as the earth remains - and guess what, the earth is still remaining! Therefore this law of God's called Seedtime and Harvest is still in effect. Further reading in Mark 4 will tell you how important and necessary this principle is to God. But it is sufficient to say for the sake of this discussion, that (a) seeds are necessary for a crop or harvest and (b) all seeds reproduce only after their own kind.

   So in application, if we need a financial harvest it stands to reason one would need finances as a seed. A further discussion and substantiation of this application of the principle or law of Seedtime and Harvest can be seen in IICor.9:6-11. (If you are sincere about learning how to become financially prosperous God's way you'll read it.)

Faith Not Fear

Did you notice in the guiding Scripture for this article God tells us not to worry? Now worry is just another name for fear. Please understand, this is not a suggestion from God - it's a command. Look how it's worded. It says "...and do not keep worrying..." A study of faith in God's Word will reveal why. Because it is impossible to fear and be in faith at the same time. You'll have to give up one or the other. And why is this so important? The reason is you cannot receive a promise from God without faith. Yes, faith (believing God - His promises) is a mandatory component to receive from God. (See James Chapter 1 and the discussion of the double-minded man.)

The Tithe - The First Financial Seed

No discussion on the subject of prosperity from God would be complete without a discussion of the tithe.

   What is the tithe? It is the first tenth of all you take in (your harvest) and His Word tells us it belongs wholely unto Him. "But I don't have a job or an income... "But you have something, take a tenth of it and start there.

   Why is this so important to God? Because what you give differential honor to is what you worship. And what you worship is your god!

   Besides as a means of worship and putting Him first, why did God establish the tithe? The other reason God instituted the tithe is so we would have seed for the harvest so He can fulfill His promise of provision to us. Now that's a loving God! Read Malachi Chapter 3 to fully understand how God feels about the importance to Him of the tithe.

The Tools For Success

So here they are:

   First, God's promise of provision if we put Him (seek Him) as our first priority in our lives.

   Next, fear not or don't worry, which basically calls God a liar. But instead, believe God, have faith in Him and His promise of provision and prosperity.

   Third, God has given seed to you the sower. Honor God in your tithe and offerings (the offering cannot be made without first the tithe being satisfied). Remember, there can be no harvest of prosperity and provision without there first being a seed.

If we follow God's laws of receiving, it is impossible for us to fail. For it is impossible for God to fail. He never fails for He and He alone is perfect, just as it is impossible for Him to break His word to us. Seek Him first in these ways that He instructs us, and more than we could ask or think will be provided to us.

All of God's Blessings
In His Service
Don Judd

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