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Believing For The Hundredfold Return

What We`ve Heard

As born-again Christians we`ve heard a lot of discussion about the hundredfold return or blessing. It is a fact that we, especially charismatic full-gospel believers, have been exposed to many sermons as well as written treatises on the subject. And thank God for sound, godly instruction. But be truthful, how many Christians do you personally know that have received such a blessing? Oh, I know, "you can`t always measure a blessing tangibly" And how many other excuses have you heard for not receiving a hundredfold blessing or return? May I suggest (and please excuse me for being direct in my comments for the sake of getting to the point) I think we`ve all heard (or made) enough excuses for not receiving this blessing we`ve all heard so much about and have probably claimed ourselves at one time or another. So instead, let`s talk about some firm biblical Word instruction that will tell us why we`re not receiving it.

Operating Effectively In The Kingdom of God

    On this note, for the sake of review to us that are very familiar with the subject we are dealing with, and as groundwork for those readers that may not be, we`ll go over once again the principle within which all blessings in God`s Kingdom must operate, without exception. This principle is called seedtime and harvest. Yes, Genesis 8:22 tells us the first thing we must understand about this principle - that there are no exceptions to this principle! "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." That is to say, that as long as the earth is remaining, seedtime and harvest will be in effect. It`s always operative. It is also a matter of fact that we will operate in seedtime and harvest even if we don`t want to and do not intend to operate in God`s Kingdom. Remember? It`s always in effect no-exceptions. So even the ungodly are sowing seeds and reaping a harvest - they just won`t like theirs.
    However, that`s not the topic of this discussion. We`re talking about Christians that are willingly and intentionally attempting to operate successfully within the Kingdom of God for godly purposes. We`re talking about, more specifically, well-intentioned Christians that are seeking a harvest for the glory of God and His Kingdom - for all the right reasons. And more specifically yet, we`re talking about Christians that want to receive the hundredfold return.

Unlocking The Secrets of the Hundredfold Return

    But before we can go on, what else do we need to know about this principle of seedtime and harvest? For if seedtime and harvest is always in effect as the Word of God tells us, then we must find the answer to unlocking the secrets of the hundredfold return within this principle and process of seedtime and harvest. It only makes sense.
    In fact, Jesus affirms that all things received in the Kingdom of God are to be found within seedtime and harvest, and that we cannot understand anything in His Kingdom outside the framework of this principle or law (and that would include the hundredfold return). Mark Chapter 4 tells us just this. Do yourself the favor and read this chapter in its entirety with this message in mind. If you haven`t done so already, you`re in for a real treat. You`ll also need to be truly familiar with this chapter to glean the most out of this discussion.
    Now go to verse 13 of this same fourth chapter of Mark and listen once again as Jesus tells us just this - that no one can receive anything from God outside of the principle of seedtime and harvest: After giving the Parable of the Soils and having been asked to explain it or reveal its meaning, Jesus said, "Do you not understand this parable? And how will you understand all the parables?"

The Promise

    Yes, the answers that unlock the secrets of receiving the hundredfold return are contained within this principle of seedtime and harvest. But before we continue, let`s look once again at the promise of the hundredfold return:

(29) Jesus said, "Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or farms, for My sake and for the gospel`s sake, (30) but that he shall receive a hundred times as much now in the present age, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and farms, along with persecutions; and in the age to come, eternal life." (Mark 10:29,30)

    I think the primary questions that need to be answered are evident: What seed or seeds have to be sown to receive the hundredfold return, and secondly, where have Christians gone astray that has not allowed them to receive this promised blessing?

What`s Required

    First the obvious: Every harvest requires a seed. Have you ever seen a farmer go into a field to reap a harvest without first having sown seeds for that harvest? Of course not. It would be pretty silly of him, wouldn`t it? And further, if that farmer wants corn, he has to sow corn not wheat, or oats, or acorns, or anything else. For one thing we know about the principle of seedtime and harvest, seed reproduces after its own kind. Verse (30) of Mark 10 tells us just this. But Jesus is telling us much more in these two verses. He is telling us that not only will the seed reproduce only after its own kind, but that it matters very much what intention we have when we sow that seed - in other words, it matters why we are sowing the seed. Jesus is telling us that in order for seed to qualify for the hundredfold return it must be sown for His sake or the sake of the Gospel (see verse [29]). It is fascinating to note that intention then actually changes the nature of the seed we sow.
    Let`s be honest, many Christians have sown seed for His sake and the sake of the Gospel and still haven`t received the hundredfold return on their seed, whatever that seed is. So what, contained within the principles of operating successfully in seedtime and harvest, could be missing? Well, there is one component of seedtime and harvest that we haven`t talked about yet. Faith.
    "Oh, faith" you say. "I know all about that already. I`m already operating in faith." Really? Because there is something else to be known about seedtime and harvest, that`s if you don`t believe you`re going to receive whatever you are standing in faith for, you certainly will not. (ref. Matthew 21:22) (Please make a mental note that another term that can be used interchangeably with faith is expectation.)
 "But I am believing for my hundredfold return," you say. Let`s think about this for a moment. Is the Word of God lying to us, that we cannot receive a hundredfold return for seed sown for His sake and the sake of the Gospel? You already know that`s not the case. What could it be that is stopping the manifestation of this promise from God?

The Hundredfold Faith

    Let me answer that question with another question: Is your faith or expectation for the hundredfold? Or do you really have just a one-fold, two-fold, or five-fold faith or expectation? Let me rephrase this a little differently Is your faith up to the promise? Do you have an expectation of the full hundredfold return, or do you just simply expect "something to happen?" For even though you have the right to the hundredfold return for seed sown for His sake and the sake of the Gospel, you can only receive as much as your faith will allow! So ask yourself the question, "Is my faith a hundredfold faith to match the hundredfold promise, or have I allowed myself to expect and believe for something less?" I think if we`re honest, many of us will answer, "something less."
    What can we do to remedy the situation? Well, don`t despair. The seed you sowed that qualifies you for the hundredfold return is still good. And you`ve already taken the first step to receiving, you`ve identified the problem. Now the next thing to do is understand that Jesus is "the author and perfecter of faith"(Heb. 12:2), not you. So ask Him for the hundredfold faith to match His hundredfold promise for seed sown for His sake and the sake of the Gospel, and get ready to receive! Expect it, for He can and will perfect your faith if you ask Him, for He is the perfecter of faith. He can and will make your faith fully operative and up to the promise (that is perfecting your faith) if you but trust Him. You`re actually sowing faith, to receive more faith! Remember? Seed always produces after its own kind. And it always brings back more than you sow.
    So trust Him - believe Him - and expect to receive all that He promised. Look, if He didn`t expect that you would and could receive the promise, He wouldn`t have made it in the first place. Our God is not a God of cheap or dirty tricks. He promised the hundredfold return for one reason - for you to receive it. Ask Him to adjust your faith to the hundredfold faith and receive the blessing of the hundredfold return on all of the seed that you`ve sown that qualifies. And use your hundredfold return when you do receive it for the sake of the Gospel Word. Use it to help get people saved, healed, prosperous in a godly fashion, and whole. That`s what it`s for.

                                                        In His Precious Name
                                                                Don Judd

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