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April from Ok wrote on 2008-03-11 08:42:37:
PRAISE THE LORD! He has lifted temptation off my back at school a little bit. I'm still going strong in serving him. My family has started to pray and I wrote a song but not put music to it. THANK YOU ALL FOR PRAYING FOR ME!!!!!

Bert from PA wrote on 2008-02-11 21:58:46:
Thank you for your prayers for my colon problems. I am feeling so much better and things seem to be the way they should be now. Thank you and God bless you.

Rosemary from Montana wrote on 2008-01-31 22:34:18:
THANK YOU! for praying for my husband's prostate test. Everything turned out good. NO! cancer ""THANK YOU!"" Jesus & thank you prayer warriors for praying.

shelly from washington wrote on 2008-01-23 10:32:06:
the Lord has reconiled my marriage when it could NOT have been reconciled outside of His intervention because of His grace and mercy.

laura from Canada wrote on 2008-01-20 10:37:59:
i would like to publically thank God for what he has given me. Almost 3 years ago my marriage broke up and I never thought I would get on my own feet. Since then I have a job that is quite physical but pays pretty good, I have managed to purchase my own home and there is a barn here for my 2 horses. My vehicles, although older and always in repair manage to get me to where I need to go, I have plenty of food and clothing, and a family who loves me. Although my personal life is still a mess, I know I will be okay, because God loves me and He will take care of me as he sees fit. Praise God for His goodness!

 wrote on 2007-12-14 15:32:20:
Thank you Jesus for healing my sister-in-law from Stage IV Ovarian Cancer...Praise God, to You goes all the glory

Evon wrote on 2007-12-13 06:35:54:
I praise God for my improved health, for my financial blessings, and for a quiet peaceful place to live. I praise him for friends. God improved my health and got me money I needed. We serve a kind wonderful and generous God. What he has done for me, he can do for you.

Malinda from Baltimore,Maryland wrote on 2007-12-06 23:07:54:
I would like to thank Don Judd ministries for helping me. My prayers is answered in so many ways. Thank you so much.

 wrote on 2007-12-04 09:35:26:
For as long as I have been homeless God has never left me. He's always with me and providing for me. Safe protection,food,clothing,health,healing, and all good has come to me through His son Jesus Christ. Amen

Diannne wrote on 2007-11-12 13:09:09:
Thank you for a wonderful Mother and allowing her to have her surgeries she needed to save her life and allowing her to be my Mom. Also for giving me the beautiful daughter who is so much like my Mom in every loving way and for my son-in-law for him being a good father to my wonderful adorable grandkids whom my Mom and I adore, and for my daughter being the wonderful Mohter, wife and daughter and granddaughter she is. Thank you for letting me receive my first of two (I hope) victim Compensation cheques that I needed to pay off bills and help my love ones too. You answer me and I appreciate being told I am the apple of your eye. I also thank you for all blessings me and my family are about to receive. You are wonderful and your prayer team. Love to you all amen Dianne

Wanda from Texas wrote on 2007-07-12 21:10:26:
Praise God and thank you for all your prayers for my grandson A. he has no more blood in is lungs and was no sign of blood in the brain. He is still not out of danger he has gained 1 oz. and now weighs 1lb.11oz. Please keep him in your Prayers. May God Bless All of you that has prayed for my grand son.

Linda from Arizona wrote on 2007-04-27 15:35:23:

The child, Kaila, missing in Buckeye last night has been found, according to police. No further information available. However, Praise the Lord .. a child has been preserved the unthinkable of being taken by a predator.

Please pray for she and her family's salvation as I do not know if they know the Lord.

Thank you for your faithfulness,

God bless you,

Linda Gross

Lisa from Michigan wrote on 2007-03-28 18:10:46:
I prayed that God would help my husbands anger problem. God really can heal any ailment, even a violent temper. I just needed to ask God to fix it and he did.

Linda from Arizona wrote on 2007-03-23 04:32:22:
Praise the Lord for His great answer to prayer for my financial need. Two weeks ago there was not enough money to buy gas and food. Today I have paid all my bills for this month and have some left for gas and food. Thank you so much for praying. God bless you all!

Jason wrote on 2006-11-30 11:37:35:
I love God and his precious son Jesus Christ. I've always been a loner in life throughout school and work dealing with low self esteem and mental illness, but that was before I asked Jesus to come into my heart. He worked through my mother, who asked me to come to church one day and he's been molding me with the potter's hands ever since. I have found out that he is that living water, he is that shepherd and in him I shall not want. I have many shortcomings, but through him I can do all things... Why, because the Bible declares it. I love the Lord so, and that is why I am submitting this praise report. To report to you the good news of a soul that was lost but now is found. The Bible also says to confess your faults one to another. I am trying to give up cigarrettes. I hope that's not too much of a let down to anyone reading. But I try not to even judge myself. But i realize its a nasty habit and the body is the temple of God for a Christian. Lord I love thee. Brothers and Sisters I love you. God bless.

Jarrod from Ohio wrote on 2006-11-30 11:21:54:
i praise the lord hes restored my mind and got me off the street and a new truck and a house appartment, healed my mind and placed me on a rock, my famliy all came to salvation .i have a good job and was on drugs and alcohol and died twice and i saw a vision of jesus and ask for my family to be saved and to never see hell. Gods been so God to me all cause i wanted to lisson to gods voice. no matter what the cost. halleuuuuuuuuuuuuuujah glory be to god

Cheryl wrote on 2006-10-12 03:54:24:
God answered our prayers. Our son will not lose his job. God is good. Praise God Almighty. All things are possible with God on our side. We thank you for your prayers.

Rick wrote on 2006-07-27 01:56:52:
PRAISE REPORT: Your ministry has kept me in prayer...Liver Results & HIV Are Back & Excellent !

I have just heard from my Liver Specialist:

+ PRAISE GOD, my Hep C viral level is UNDETECTABLE ! After only 3 months of the 1 yr. of treatment; plus no signs of anemia !

+ & as an EXTRA Heavenly bonus---my hiv viral level is ALSO undetectable.

Need continued prayers though as I must do 9 more mos. of liver meds & both meds can build up a resistance & bring back viral levels...

Meanwhile & always---GOD IS GOOD !!!

Thank you Jesus!

nancy from Texas wrote on 2006-07-14 03:11:12:
My grandaughter, Cassidy Grace, was born with a lung defect (CCAM) that was to require surgery. The condition is rare and can be extremely serious if not operated on. I have put hands on her and asked the LORD to heal her and I knew he would. I kept telling my son and his wife that she wouldn't have to have surgery. Don Judd and many friends and relatives have had her on prayer lists for these last nine months. Cassidy had a pre-op MRI in June. The Doctor sent the results to a specialist in reading MRI's because he could not believe what he saw. The results just came back and the lung is perfect just like my grandaughter! Praise JESUS!

Anonymous from The Deep South wrote on 2006-07-12 23:14:13:
I had trouble with my knees. Now they have been healed. I can move again and am pain free. Jesus has restored them. I give Him all the glory.

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