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Partners Newsletter 9-20-12

Dear Partners

Greetings in the mighty Name of Jesus. In this time of world turmoil and unrest, rest in the knowledge and peace that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is still in control and on the Throne.

     We thank God also for your prayers and support of this ministry, and the privilege of being His ministerial servants, teaching and preaching His Gospel Word, which you are a part of.

     Recently we have made vital upgrades to our website which allows the site to function more efficiently and effectively. These upgrades allow us not only to be found more efficiently by the search engines, but also allows for easier upgrades in the future.

     On the local front, Don Judd Ministries was able to make a much needed food donation to the Salvation Army food pantry here in Broward County Florida. Even though this county is one of the more affluent counties in this great country, there is still a significant population below the poverty level and homeless in need here just like the rest of our country. Sadly their shelves were bare. But because of you we were able to respond with a significant gift of much needed food.

     We continue to teach and preach the salvation Gospel of Jesus Christ... The fullness of His Word with signs following.

     Partners, know that your seed is sown in fertile ground, and that it will produce as harvest of exceeding abundance of like kind!

In Jesus Name

Don Judd
Don Judd Ministries

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