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Kingdom Principles 101

The Basics of Seedtime and Harvest

     Nothing in this world ever came into existence without first the sowing of a seed. Indeed, it is the fundamental principle by which God operates and God creates.

It is also a law...founded by God. And it is also a perpetual law, instituted and in force as long as the earth remains. Nothing can escape it - all things operate under it. Yes, even God must operate under His own law for He Himself declared it so for as long as the earth remains.

Genesis 8:22
While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
And cold and heat,
And summer and winter,
And day and night
Shall not cease.

The Relevance of Seedtime and Harvest

     You may be thinking that you can see this law in operation in the natural world, but what relevance does this law have in the spiritual realm or God's Kingdom?

God makes the relevance of seedtime and harvest crystal clear in Mark Chapter 4. In this 4th Chapter of Mark Jesus explains this law of seedtime and harvest, in light of the Kingdom of God, in this His Parable of the Soils. (If you haven't done so, read or re-read this Chapter!) 

And when He was finished the disciples asked the meaning of the parable - in other words they asked Jesus to explain it. His reply was telling:

(13) "And He said to them, "Do you not understand this parable? And how will you understand all the parables?"
(14) And the sower sows the word."

In His reply Jesus was telling the disciples that if they couldn't and didn't understand this principle of seedtime and harvest they could neither understand nor operate effectively in God's Kingdom! He was telling them that without this knowledge of seedtime and harvest, they would be spiritually useless to the Kingdom of God.

Jesus revealed much, much more of the seedtime and harvest process in Mark 4, and how to operate successfully in it. Indeed, you can read an in-depth treatise on Mark 4 in my book titled The Inheritance of the Saints Through Christ found in our store on this site. But for now, let the above brief description suffice to act as background to show the vital importance of our need to understand this law and process of seedtime and harvest.

Seedtime and Harvest 101 - What We Need To Know

     O.K., so here's what we know: First we know there can be no harvest without first a seed. I don't care if it's winning souls for Christ, the desire for better relationships in your life, your body to be healed, or what promise of God you are looking for - without first a seed, there can be no harvest.

Second, all seeds reproduce after their own kind. Yes, tomato seeds don't produce oranges, they can only produce tomatoes. Therefore whatever harvest you need, that's the seed you need to sow. Sow where? Into the Kingdom.

Third, with seedtime and harvest there is always a multiplication factor involved. That's right, you never sowed a tomato seed and got one tomato or tomato seed back did you? No, you got thousands back. So not only do all seeds reproduce after their own kind - they always grow up and have babies...lots of them.

Sow With Intention

     Fourth, we are all sowers. There is no opt-out button. We can't help it. Everything we say and do is a seed.

Therefore, in light of these facts, it behooves us to sow with intention (we're all sowing anyway already!)

Next, let Jesus guide your sowing and your seed for a Kingdom and God-intended harvest.

Every promise that God made to you belongs to you, but first it requires a seed in order to obtain the harvest. Ask Him where to sow.

And last, don't forget your priorities. God teaches us in Matthew Chapter 6 to put Him first, His Kingdom and His righteousness, and "these things...," shall be added to you. What are "these things..."? They are our needs and His promises.

How We Do It

     In summation, become seed conscious not need conscious. And as we change our priorities by doing this, what happens? According to Matthew Chapter 6, now God is in charge of blessing us, not ourselves! So not only do we receive the blessing of doing God's will in our lives (our part of His divine plan), but by virtue of putting Him first we receive "...all these things..." for a prosperous and abundant life.

Yes, make the change. Ask God first; "What can I do for you today? Where and what should I sow?" Do this before you care for yourself and your own needs.


     Last but certainly not least, then have faith in His promises and His word. For only when constant and persistent faith is applied can the manifestation of the harvest of the seed come to pass.

Now by operating effectively within the framework of seedtime and harvest you will experience for yourself what God always intended for you and your life - to live as an active participant in God's perfect and divine plan.

In His Service

Don Judd

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