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Now Faith Is

Hebrews 11:1
"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

This verse defines what faith is. But why is this so important for us to know from God?

The answer is, so we can have a working knowledge of faith. And why is a working knowledge of faith so important for us to have?

To begin with, in this same 11th Chapter of Hebrews verse (6) His Word tells us it's impossible to please God without faith. That alone is reason enough for us to gain a working knowledge of faith. But there is another reason; we can't receive God's promises without it!

Consistent Faith

James 1:6,7
(6) But let him ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the
surf of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.
(7) For let not that man expect that he will receive anything from the Lord.

So the first thing we must know about faith,,,that is real faith, is it is constant. There is no waffling back and forth. Real faith is consistent and it is persistent even in the face of circumstances that are seemingly contrary to it's eventual outcome. It is not ' and fro, or " the sea driven and tossed by the wind..."'

Next, real faith does not include words and phrases like 'but' or 'what if'. For these are words that are expressing the abundance of the heart that spoke them - the very definition of the double-minded man!

Faith Words

To the contrary, real faith, biblical faith, does speak words. It speaks words that are in agreement with what God says we can have. In fact, not only are faith words the evidence of the existence of faith, but the very seeds that will bring the promise of God into existence. Want proof? Do you remember how God himself formed this world in Genesis Chapter (1)? It says "...then God said..." (Not thought, but said.) And again in Mark 4:14 when Jesus teaches "(14) The sower sows the word."

 And Let Them Say...

In fact, the Word of God teaches us specifically to use the spoken word as a word seed to bring His promises to us to pass.

Psalm 35:27

Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who

favor my vindication;

And let them say continually,, "The

Lord be magnified,

Who delights is the prosperity of His


Did you hear that? "...And let them say continually..." That is, without interruption. Not just once in a while or every few days when we think about it!

Now Faith

Look again at our guiding Scripture for this study, Hebrews 11:1. How does it start? The first three words is "...Now faith is..." It is telling us something else about faith, that it is always in the present. "...Now faith is..." Why is this important? Because it doesn't matter what has happened in the past, nor does real faith care about how it looks like what the future will be through the eyes tinted with fear which directly denies at least one of God's promises. No, real faith is only and always present and considers not anything else but what God says in His promise(s).

Yes, faith is always in the present. If you are saying to yourself "...I was faithful...or, I will be faithful...," it is not faith that you have. You are under the illusion that you are in faith, but it's just an illusion. And you will receive nothing from an illusion except disappointment.

So let's review:
How do we activate our faith? The first key tenants to know about faith and make it active is;

1. Real faith is consistent. Just as the Book of James teaches us, if faith is not consistent it will produce no results. In other words, it is not really faith at all.

2. Make sure your faith is always in the present. The best way I know to do expecting it to come to pass at any moment. Get yourself excited! After all, your faith is based on God's promise to you!

3. Speak your faith throughout the day. Do what He says, say it continually just as He teaches us in Psalm 35. Will some people thing you are crazy? Sure. But that's a good thing. You'll know you're on the right track!

Do these things concerning your faith in one of God's promises you are believing for, consistently and persistently, and you too will find yourself thanking God for what He has done and praising Him for His precious promises.


All of God's Blessings

Don Judd

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